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Carthage CASE Program - provides summer and afterschool enrichment programs to youth attending Carthage Middle School. Youth in grades 5-8 can be enrolled via Parent Square. More information about the Carthage CASE Program can be found at:

Session 1: October - November - Programming options still TBD

Session 2: December - March - Programming options still TBD

Session 3: March - May - Programming options still TBD

What does a typical day look like?

Students are released at 2:06 p.m. Upon release, students stay with a teacher to work on homework or are sent to the computer to lab. If students go to the computer lab, they can read a book or work on I-ready. Students will be released at 2:50 p.m. to transition to the Middle School Cafeteria where they will be provided with a snack. Case Instructors or a 4-H Educator will come and pick up students once they have finished snack and offer enrichment programming for the remainder of the time. Students will be released at 5:00 to get on the bus. 

Why should you enroll your child in CASE?

CASE provides enrichment programming which reinforces concepts learned at school. In addition, 4-H curriculum is implemented in programming. 4-H programming helps to develop life skills which are needed for your child to be successful in education and life. Our 4-H educator will provide a positive safe environment and engage students in hands-on activities. 


Andrea Holbrook
4-H Entrepreneur Educator - Carthage
315-788-8450 ext. 272

Last updated August 12, 2021