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Resources for Parenting Educators

The Parenting Project: Healthy Children, Families, and Communities 

The Parenting Project provides research-based resources for parent educators in the Cornell Cooperative Extension system to enhance their work with parents and families and to expand existing programs. The project also provides training and tools to evaluate parenting programs and report on these programs by county, program and statewide to describe the importance of parent education to maintaining healthy families in New York communities. Community assessments are used to assist counties in identifying and assessing parenting education needs at the community level. 

NYS Parenting Education Partnership

The NYS Parenting Education Partnership is a professional organization comprised of and for individuals engaged in or interested in parenting education. This partnership consists of parenting educators, parents, caregivers, and state and local partners. The goal of this partnership is to ensure all children will grow up in families with parents that have the knowledge and skills to support healthy development. 

The Magic Years, Middle Years, and Tween & Teen Years  

The purpose of the Magic Years, Middle Years, and Tween & Teen Years lessons is to provide educators with tools and resources to explain best practices in child development and parenting to caregivers. Participating in these classes will benefit families as a whole. Decades of research show that children are affected by who their parents are, what their parents know, what their parents believe, what their parents value, what their parents expect of them, and what their parents do (McGroder -- Partnership for America's Economic Success 2009). These classes will assist participants, who are the experts on their families, in developing a deeper understanding of how their personal and parenting knowledge and behavior affects their children. 

The Magic Years lessons are designed for families with children from birth through age four. 

The Middle Years lessons are designed for families with children from ages five through ten. 

The Tween & Teen Years lesson are designed for families with children from ages eleven through eighteen. 


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Last updated April 7, 2023