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Master Gardener Volunteers particpate in the Agriculture Literacy Program

Master Gardener Volunteer

4-H Club Leader

4-H Club Leader


Cornell Cooperative Extension has a long history of using the talents of volunteers to achieve its mission. Extension benefits from the contributions of hundreds of volunteers in areas as diverse as 4-H youth development, gardening, nutrition education, and assistance at various programs or in the office. Volunteer opportunities you may be most familiar with include 4-H Club Leaders and Master Gardeners.

Please note that all volunteers are required to complete a volunteer application, code of conduct, and criminal background check. Other forms may be required depending on the volunteer position you wish to hold.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and would like more information, please contact any of our program leaders listed below.

4-H Youth & Family Development Programs

Stephanie Graf - sag58@cornell.edu
Program Leader • 315-788-8450, ext. 236

4-H Camp Wabasso

Stephanie Graf - sag58@cornell.edu
Program Leader • 315-788-8450, ext. 236

Nutrition & Health/Parenting & Family Life/Communications & Marketing/Military Families/Taste NY

Amanda Root - arr27@cornell.edu
Program Leader • 315-788-8450, ext. 273

Agriculture & Natural Resources/Master Gardeners

Mike Nuckols - msn62@cornell.edu
Program Leader • 315-788-8450, ext. 227

Office Assistance and all other inquiries

Diana Young - dy325@cornell.edu
Executive Assistant • 315-788-8450, ext. 319


Diana Young
Human Resources Administrator
315-788-8450 ext. 319

Last updated February 4, 2021