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Healthy Families Jefferson County

The Healthy Families New York home visiting program matches parents with knowledgeable and caring workers who provide information and support during pregnancy and early childhood. Services include helping families access community resources and services, educating families on parenting and child development, connecting families with medical providers, and assessing children for developmental delays.

The Healthy Families Program offers home-based services to support expectant families and new parents with the changes and needs that often come with the birth of a new child. Services are voluntary and provided at no cost.

Anyone can make a referral to Healthy Families; you can even refer yourself! We strive to talk with all expectant parents and parents of newborns in the communities we serve. Our goal is to identify strengths and challenges prenatally or at birth and provide appropriate information and referrals to help babies get off to a healthy start. Complete the survey to get started. 

For more information visit North Country Prenatal Perinatal Council's website or contact April Bennett at  

Department of Social Services Referral 

Parents are referred to Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County for individualized parenting education in the home or via Zoom by a DSS caseworker.

Education can be parenting education or life skills education and is determined by the DSS caseworker at the time of referral.

Parenting education covers topics such as parenting styles, discipline, rules/consequences, routines, stress management, child development, communication, and any other topic as needed per individual family.

Life skills education covers topics such as budgeting, nutrition, home safety, home sanitation, hygiene, and any other topic as needed per individual family.

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County educators work with families for a minimum of six visits, but can meet with the families beyond six visits until the family, case worker and the educator no longer feel education services are needed. 

Learn more about our services and making DSS referrals

Money Matters: Financial Literacy for Adults 

Money Matters is a 6-week hands-on workshop series for adults interested in taking control of their finances and setting smart spending goals. Through this series, participants will learn their spending personality, how to create and stick to a budget, identify needs vs. wants, set goals, reduce costs, and how to improve their credit and reduce their debt. For more information on how to set up a group workshop series, contact April Bennett at

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Last updated August 11, 2022