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Family Advocacy Program Cooking Class

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Family Painting Class

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Family Painting Class

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Fort Drum and CCE partner to provide resources for Soldiers and Family Members, Reservists, Retirees, and Department of Defense (DoD) Civilians. The many programs offered are designed to enhance and directly deal with the quality of life issues and needs. We invite you to visit and utilize the many services and opportunities provided to help families handle many situations ranging from deployment to having a baby to preparing and staying within a budget and so much more! These programs are available to offer support, a friendly face, and a plethora of resources that you might be seeking.

Army Emergency Relief is the Army's own emergency financial assistance organization and is dedicated to "Helping the Army Take Care of its Own." AER financial assistance is given to eligible recipients in the form of an interest-free loan, grant, or combination of the two in order to promote readiness and relieve financial distress of Soldiers and their families. For more information, visit the Army Emergency Relief Facebook page. 

The Financial Readiness Program is offered to help Soldiers and their Families develop and maintain a realistic family budget, reduce debts, improve their credit, plan for the future through savings and investment, and resolve consumer complaints. The program offers regularly scheduled classes on budgeting, checkbook management, and financial management. They also provide individual session for budget development. Classes are also offered for units in all areas of financial planning. For more information visit our Financial Readiness Facebook page.

The Family Advocacy Program offers a variety of services that help Soldiers and Families gain life skills and build healthy relationships. The program was developed to educate about and prevent Family violence by providing education on parenting, relationship enhancement, communication, and life skills. For more information visit the Family Advocacy Facebook page.

The Relocation Readiness Program is a comprehensive program designed to help Families through the relocation process. Available seminars and briefings cover a wide range of topics. Join us for a welcome tour and newcomer's orientation, cultural activities, spouse support activities and more. Relocation Readiness' goal is to help you make a smooth transition. Installation-specific information can be found in the Post Locator box on This site provides the most current information on your next duty station. You may also visit our Relocation Readiness Facebook page.

The Employment Readiness Program provides career assistance and job lead referrals to soldiers, spouses, and military family members as they transition in and out of Fort Drum. The program offers a series of career development workshops to enhance the job searching experience. Employment Readiness educators can also hold one on one appointments to assist with job searching, resumes, interviews, and career development. The Army knows that employment is one of the most significant issues for Military Families. Therefore, the goal of the Fort Drum Employment Readiness Program is to assist Families with their job search, particularly as they are impacted by such a mobile lifestyle. For more information visit our Employment Readiness Facebook page. 


Mitch McCormick
Community Development Issue Leader / Director of Special Projects
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Last updated January 18, 2023