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Since 2005 there has been a partnership between the Department of Defense and 4-H worldwide that aims to have at least two 4-H clubs on every installation in the world. Typically this has been done through cooperation and training of staff at the Child and Youth Services Programs on each base. Military kids move often, and the programming that 4-H offers is consistent across the nation. If a child is involved in a 4-H club and is working on a project and the family moves, the child should be able to find a club at the new location and continue to progress and be involved with 4-H programming. This lends some consistency and routine to the child’s life and increases the child’s sense of security, despite ever-changing circumstances.

Since created, all installations in New York State (Fort Drum, Fort Hamilton, and West Point) each have chartered 4-H clubs that are run through the School Age Centers and the Teen Programs on each installation. To become involved in these clubs, parents must go through the enrollment process for their children to participate in CYS programming. Then they must contact the appropriate center for their child’s age. Follow the links below to information for the facilities and clubs on Fort Drum, NY:

Each year a variety of projects are offered throughout the program year. Children are encouraged to participate in those programs that are of specific interest to them or to try something new. The Military and 4-H do have some program area targets such as life skills citizenship and leadership opportunities, arts recreation and leisure activities, sports, fitness and health options, and academic support, mentoring and intervention services. Through participation in these focus areas, our military youth and their families will improve key skills that enable them to increase coping skills.

Staff on the installation participate in regular ongoing professional 4-H youth development training provided by the New York Military Partnership staff currently located in the Jefferson County 4-H office.

4-H Military Partnership staff is always working to start new clubs involving military youth in community centers on installations or in the surrounding communities. If you are interested in joining or starting a club on or near your installation, please contact Stephanie Graf at 315-788-8450.


Amy Beauchamp
4-H Youth Development Educator

Last updated November 9, 2018