Veteran farmer talks with attendees of his farm tour
Image by Alyssa Couse
Farm Tour at Cross Island Farms

Farm Ops, Agriculture and the Military

Farm OPS introduces farming and careers in the agriculture service industry to veterans and military service members preparing to enter civilian life. There are many factors that make this the perfect match.

The military protects our nation with only 1% of the population. Likewise, only 1% of our population is dedicated to feeding our country. We all know the U.S. Military is the most technologically advanced entity in the world. Not everyone knows that agricultural careers require sophisticated technology and is the key to our agricultural success. It also offers livelihoods working out of doors and in nature.

Veterans and transitioning service members can meet the growing demand for farmers and agricultural careers. They understand hard work and may already have skillsets that are transferrable to agriculture.

Farm OPS offers a wide array of unique and tailored learning opportunities. There are classroom and online workshops but so much more. If you like to learn by doing this boots-on-the-ground, hands on program is for you. Veterans and service members can learn about agriculture by visiting farms, working side by side with farmer-mentors, practice a farm enterprise on a model farm or attend a work party.

Many of the farmers who mentor veterans are veterans themselves. Contact us if you are a farmer interested in sharing your farming experience with a veteran. Contact us if you are a veteran or service member planning to enter civilian life and interested in exploring a career in agriculture.

This program partners with the Transition Assistance Program at Fort Drum, many Veterans organizations, Cornell Small Farm Program Farm OPS as well as our funding partner the National Institute of Food and Agriculture. 

CCE Contact: Sloan Rowland

Fort Drum TAP Contact: Emily Coslet, 315-774-3410 


Sloan Rowland
Dairy & Livestock Specialist
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Last updated April 2, 2021