Veteran farmer talks with attendees of his farm tour
Image by Alyssa Couse
Farm Tour at Cross Island Farms

Farm Ops, Agriculture and the Military

As part of my role as Agricultural Outreach at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County I help support the Cornell Small Farms Program’s Northeast Beginning Farmers Project initiative called Farm Ops. These efforts provide veterans and active duty military/families with resources for entering the agriculture industry whether it is starting their own farm, working in agribusiness, or working for an existing farm. As the industry evolves, skills in technology, marketing, management, mechanics, etc. are becoming more desirable and veterans are exiting the military with these very skills.  In addition to resources such as guidebooks, online courses, scholarships, etc., interested persons are encouraged to attend  CCE programming free of charge.  Thus far, military families have had the opportunity to tour Center Dale Farms, Cross Island Farms, Lake Effects Farms and Igo to the Farm throughout Jefferson County. Outreach is ongoing to continue to build stronger relationships with veteran agencies and help veterans and military families harvest experiences in agriculture.


Erin Churchill
Agriculture Outreach Educator

Last updated July 8, 2019