The Business of Farming

Choose one of the questions below to learn more about farming and farmers in Jefferson County.

Do farmers pay taxes the same way that other businesses do?

I want to support Agriculture but hear a confusing range of information about what I should do and eat! Help! I am suffering from analysis paralysis of the food system.

Many farms and agribusinesses are family owned and operated. Do they still need to follow the same labor laws as other businesses even though employees are family members?

What is a CSA?

I hear about milk check deductions, but what exactly is deducted from a farmer’s milk check?

As a trend I am seeing more locally grown produce in large grocery stores. Will this have an adverse effect on the growth of farmers markets? While I appreciate the convenience of grocery stores I still love visiting my favorite farmers at the Farmers Market!

Do farmers pay taxes?

How are farmers respectful?

How do grass fed cows vs non-grass fed cows effect the economy?

How much does it cost to start dairy farming?

How much milk is produced by a large dairy farm annually?

How much money do farmers save by using manure as opposed to commercial chemical fertilizer?

How would raising minimum wage effect agriculture?

If dairy farming is so bad, why don’t farmers just quit?

I know dairy farmers grow most of their own crops to feed their cows and it takes all spring, summer and fall to do this, but what do dairy farmers do with their extra time in the winter?

I recently read a report on Economic Development in Jefferson County, and it identifies national fixed pricing on milk as a threat to the county’s economy. The report specifically says that the current price structure for dairy products is not based on market conditions like supply and demand, and that even with an increased demand for dairy products in the region, farmers are unable to raise prices in accordance with the increased demand. It further says that this price structure could create a disincentive for investment among local farmers. Can you elaborate on what the report is describing? What is the national milk pricing policy? Why does it create a disincentive for local farmers to invest more in their operations?

What are some of the initial results of the surveys being performed by the food hub project team?

What does the size of a dairy herd have to do with efficiency?

What is an agricultural census?

What is the carbon footprint and economics per volume of beef of grass fed vs conventionally finished beef?   

Last updated February 26, 2019