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Choose a question below to learn more about crops grown in Jefferson County.

General Interest:

Can you grow sweet potatoes in the North Country?

Where are crops in the fields going?

This spring, I decided that I wanted some spinach transplants for an early crop, so I sowed some in seed trays under lights in my home. My germination rate was terrible – about 40%. What did I do wrong?

Can you grow garlic from seed?

It’s winter and I am pining for fresh vegetables. Buying fresh, supporting local producers, and getting nutritious vegetables is easy in the summer, but what is available this time of year?

I would like to grow pumpkins for my grandchildren next year. Are they difficult to grow?

Someone told me the corn growing around the county is for corn silage. What is that?

I have a ton of goldenrod on my property that flowers in late summer. I have seasonal allergies. How can I get rid of the goldenrod?

People are always encouraged to plant more trees. In what ways are trees beneficial?

I love to eat fresh and local when I can, how can I support local farms in the winter months?

How can I recycle my Christmas tree after the holidays?

Why are the Christmas cactus and poinsettia popular Christmastime plants?

In autumn you can find produce that is for consumption, decoration, or even both.Is a pumpkin a squash, or a gourd?

I saved a seed from a very flavorful apple. I would like this tree in my yard, how do I plant the seed and care for the tree?

I'd like to start a compost bin, but I'm not sure what techniques I should use, or what I should put in the bin. Do you have any advice?

I have been hearing about the Emerald Ash borer for quite a while- my ash trees look fine. What is going on and how can I protect the trees in my yard?

How do I keep pests out of my garden?

After corn is planted, how long does it take for the corn seedling to emerge?

How does a tiny seed grow into a plant?  

What is the best way to store seeds for a long period of time?

When is the best time to start my vegetable transplants? I never seem to time things correctly.

Are grocery store organics worth the money?

How did the drought like conditions this summer affect the farmers’ crops?

How does one safely learn to forage for wild plants?

I have cut my lawn three times already this year and my farmer neighbor still hasn’t mowed his hay. What gives?

I heard farmers release wasps to control certain pests.I don’t like the idea of having wasps around.Should I be concerned?

I live in the country and have hard well water, so we use a water softener. Can I water houseplants and gardens with softened water?

I want to grow potatoes this season.Can I just plant potatoes from the grocery store?

I’m a gardener and part of a military family. We just moved to the area and I have never gardened in the north. When can I plant my vegetable seeds?

I’m closing down my organic vegetable garden for the winter – should I apply cow/horse manure now or next spring?

Is the drought of 2016 over?

Is it true that most of the commercially grown fruits and vegetables in the United States are GMOs?

My husband and I have grown sweet corn on our small farm for many years. This summer, we decided to market our product to the public. We set up a roadside stand by the farm and have been very successful. People just love our fresh corn! I have recently become aware of the new food safety requirements outlined in the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), and am wondering if our roadside operation would be subject to the standards detailed under FSMA guidelines?

What are all the large white mushrooms I see in the hay fields?

What are all those flags in the crop field?

What are farmers doing to improve soils for future crops?

What affect did the rainy growing season have on the corn crop?

What crops are in high demand?

What is soil health?

What is the difference between hay and straw?

What methods do farmers use to control pests on their farms?


The New York Farm Brewery Law became effective in January 2013, increasing the demand for locally grown malting barley. Why aren’t farmers in Northern New York taking advantage of this new market and planting malting barley?

I’m interested in growing hops. How do I get started?


I drove by a cornfield a few days ago and it looked more like a field of pineapples with all the pointed leaves. Why does the corn look like that?

I would like to add flowers to my vegetable garden to attract more pollinators.What species should I plant?

I’m starting my first vegetable garden. Any tips on where to locate the garden and how to prepare the soil?

Why do the fresh tomatoes that I buy in the winter taste so bad compared to in the summer?

In autumn, you see a lot of corn, whether in fields, at barbeques, and even as décor. What types of corn do farmers plant and where did it come from?

Can you save seeds from crops like cucumber, gourd, squash, melon and pumpkin for planting next year? Someone told me they won’t grow.

Help! My garden is overflowing! I have tomatoes, squash, greens, beans, and herbs all ripening at the same time. How can I keep these fruits of my labors from going to waste?

Do I still need to wash my organic produce?

Driving around farm areas it seems that soybean harvest occurred later than normal. Is this true? If so, why?

I do not have a green thumb, but want to know what are some easy vegetables to grow?

I still have a lot of green tomatoes in my garden- what is the best way to ripen them?

I was told that when you plant tomatoes you should bury the whole stem in the soil. Is this correct? Should I do the same for all of my transplants?

This year I planted winter squash and pumpkins for the first time. How do I know when they are ripe and what is the best way to store them?

What exactly is a ‘3 Sister’ garden? Is it just a story?

What is the purpose of gourds other than as decorations in the fall?

Why do my tomatoes get black, sunken spots on the bottom of the fruit?

Why do some vegetables grow in the ground?

Why do I have to eat vegetables?

Last updated April 25, 2022