dairy cows in field

Farm Livestock

Choose a question below to learn more about farm animals in Jefferson County.


How do farmers know if their cows are sick?

What is world milk day and why is it celebrated?  

What does a bear hibernating, a cow producing milk, a chicken, and a person who has seasonal affective disorder all have in common in the wintertime?

As I drive around the county, I see a lot of cattle/cows standing in a muddy area by barns and not out in the field. Is this OK and why?

At Farm Family Day in Lewis County I saw cows eating cottonseed. How come?

Do farmers still milk cows by hand?

How are dairy products regulated?

How are cows bred and how do farmers know when their cows are due? Do cows need help when they are calving?

How come I only really see black and white cows outside and in barns, and not as many brown cows anymore?

How do animals stay warm in the cold weather?

How does the drought or dry weather affect livestock?

How many calves does a cow have in a lifetime?

How many times a day are cows usually milked and how long does it take?

How often does a cow see a doctor?

I am a dairy farmer and am stressed out over the difficult times we are facing as an industry. How can I feel less stress?

In the spring and summer, why do you see cows lying down so much in the fields or in the barnyard?

The agriculture industry is promoted all over the New York State Fair, the Dairy Cow Birthing Center is an example. How many calves are born at the fair?

What do farmers do to make sure their animals stay healthy?

What does the size of a dairy herd have to do with efficiency?

What is milk made of?

What is the life expectancy of a dairy cow?

Why are some barns more traditional and others are big and new?

Why do dairy cows always look so thin, especially compared to beef cows that I see?

General Interest

I would like to buy beef raised locally. What is the difference between beef processed at a USDA plant and a custom processor?

How to do I keep livestock water from freezing?

It seems winter has arrived in the North Country; how do livestock do in the cold?

How does the heat wave impact animal agriculture?

Lots of goods travel across the Canadian border; how does livestock enter New York?

I recently saw a video of fainting goats and wondered why they freeze in place? Do other animals have reflexes like this?

How big can a pig get?

How do farmers let the public know how their animals are treated?

How would our lives be different if we did not have animal agriculture?      

I want to buy locally produced meats but I also want to be safe. How do I know if meat is processed in a way that will not make me sick?

Most cats and dogs have a warm house to sleep in, but how do farm/large animals stay warm in the winter?

What does showmanship mean at the county fair while watching the livestock shows?

What is animal stress and how do we help alleviate it?

What is the best way to control flies?

When watching a livestock show at the county fair, what is the judge looking for?

Why are all the silos on dairy farms not being used anymore?


Why do my hens stop laying eggs in the winter?

I am considering getting a few hens for eggs. What do I need to know before constructing a chicken coop for my back yard?

What are the benefits of raising guinea hens?

How does a chicken form an egg?

I have a small flock of ducks and geese. How do I tell which ones are male or female?

Last updated December 6, 2022