General Interest

Why is some cheddar cheese white and some is yellow?

The weather is finally nice, and I want to be outside. What are some local things I can do to enjoy the weather?

A friend gave me some birch syrup. Is it similar to maple syrup?

Where can I find a good Valentine’s Day gift that was made locally?

I admire the amaryllis plants that are commonly grown during the holiday season. Are they difficult to grow?

If milk is white, why is butter yellow? Is food coloring added?

I’m from the west coast and I love the large trees that grow there. Why are there no large trees in northern New York, or on the east coast?

I live in the city of Watertown. Can I participate in 4-H animal programming or show animals at the county fair?

Are citrus trees easy to grow indoors? How do I keep one?

I am new to the area. As a military family we came from a rural, farming community and love the agricultural landscape. How do we learn more about agriculture here, our new home?

I have a small vegetable garden, but I would like to add some fruit plants to my yard. I don’t have the space for large trees or an orchard. What are my options?

Our house has well water. What should we do to make sure that the water is safe to drink?

I’d like to plant some evergreen trees in my yard. Everyone suggests blue spruce trees. Are they the best option?

Can I save seeds from my pumpkin and winter squash to grow in the garden next year?

Will this year’s Farmer’s Markets be cancelled because of COVID-19?

How do I choose a dairy product to purchase when there are so many different labels to pay attention to?

I have several ash trees in my yard. Now that the emerald ash borer has been found in Jefferson County, should I be concerned?

In the nativity scene in many local churches, I see the baby Jesus in a wooden box. I assume this is the manger referenced in many holiday songs and stories. Can you explain more of what this is?

I like to buy from local businesses. What are some local foods that I can give for the holidays and where can I get them?

With Veterans Day approaching, how can a veteran or active duty soldier get involved in agriculture?

I have been a lover of pumpkin spice lattes and snacks for many years, can you tell me more about the craze behind this flavor? Is it really pumpkin?

I get caught behind tractors on my way to work sometimes. What are the laws surrounding slow-moving vehicles?

I overheard some farmers talking about GDDs in the coffee shop the other day. What are those?

It is finally summer and warm in the North Country. Even my dog is hot! Do farm animals get hot? What do farmers do to help them?

I’ve been hearing buzz about several agricultural events coming up this spring and summer. What events should I look out for?

Spring is finally here! It’s the time we get to see all the plants and flowers we love yet again. But, what does this mean for invasive species? Do they keep coming back? I’ve heard swallow-wort has become a real problem around here.

Why do chickens lay colored eggs?

How can I find out what the local Cornell Cooperative Extension offers in my area?

The newly established Indian River High School Homegrown Warriors Club is made up of students who have interests and aspirations in agriculture. After some class discussion, the groups most burning question was what causes such a disconnect between the average consumer and producer? Why is there such a yearning to know where food comes from?

I know a lot of us got new gizmos and gadgets for Christmas. My personal favorite was an Alexa and an echo dot for every room in my house. What kind of technology would a farmer want or be using?

Tis the season for giving; what does Dear Aggie suggest?

Many local families eat the traditional spread for Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday, but are there any unique meal traditions for other December holidays. Can you source ingredients locally for these recipes?

What was eaten at the original Thanksgiving meal and holiday celebrations and how does that compare to our traditional meals today?

This Thanksgiving I am excited to be cooking as much from local farms as possible. I have my locally grown turkey and lots of vegetables from neighboring growers. How do I prepare this food to keep it safe for my big family gathering?

I am unsure of what I want to do with my career after my service in the armed forces; all I know is that I want to be outside. Are there viable careers in agriculture?

There seems to be an app for everything these days. Do farmers use apps?

Getting stuck behind a tractor can be frustrating when I’m in a hurry. Why are there so many pieces of large equipment on the roads recently?

How are corn mazes designed and how is the pattern executed on the ground level?

My children are looking forward to going back to school and so am I! With the structure a new school year imposes, I really want to kick off the school year right and feed my children healthier. What can my students and I do at school and home to up our nutrition game?

I know there are many farm animals on display, but what does the NY State Fair really have to do with agriculture?  

With the hot and humid weather recently I've been trying to keep myself, and my pets cool. Is it good for them to join my family in the lake or pool?

I've noticed that we've had some heavy rainfalls recently and was wondering how this may impact farmland runoff?

What do zoos and agriculture have in common?  

I hear so much about invasive species -- what can I do to help in prevention?

There seems to be several dairy focused events this summer, like the Dairyland Festival and Parade that was held on June 1st. What other events are coming up?

How do pets cross the border?  

As I was on my long-distance biking trip to your house thru farm country and noticed all those tall towers. Are they where farmers store their milk?

Are farm employees paid well?

How diverse is Jefferson County’s agriculture industry?

Where does my milk and meat come from and how do I know it’s safe to eat?

While at a farmers’ market I saw that some lettuce was advertised as being “Hydroponically grown.” Can you explain what this means? What makes it different than regularly grown lettuce?

The North Country is surrounded by farming. We farm cows, pigs, chickens, fruits, and vegetables. The other day I was buying frozen fish and saw it was labeled as “farmed fish.” Tell me more about this form of agriculture.

Many people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by eating Irish fare. How can I make an Irish meal and still incorporate local foods?

I am lactose intolerant, but I love the taste of dairy products. What are my options?

Why do my houseplants look so dull during the winter? Sometimes they even die. What can I do?

What is the difference between smooth cottage cheese and yogurt?

I’m still trying to hold strong with New Year’s resolutions this Super Bowl Sunday.How can I incorporate local and healthy foods into my party snack menu?

Why do farm tractors have so many gears?

What is in my bagged compost?

Why does Santa get milk on Christmas Eve?

Every year my Christmas tree dries out. What tree species are the best for Christmas trees?

What has the Northern New York Food Hub discovered so far?

A common perception is that farms who are larger than the red barn and silo stereotype are not family farms. What does the term “family farm” mean?

Are local foods healthier?

As a trend I am seeing more locally grown produce in large grocery stores. Will this have an adverse effect on the growth of farmers markets? While I appreciate the convenience of grocery stores I still love visiting my favorite farmers at the Farmers Market!

At a recent youth event, Ag Extravaganza, a question from a young student whether the jersey calf at the dairy station was a cow or a kangaroo really got me thinking about how important such educational events are to the community. How does CCE help educate our community’s future consumers?

Autumn in the North Country is full of traditions, many of which are products of local agriculture! What are some ways agriculture is involved in fall traditions?

Do invasive species affect the well-being and livelihood of the people living in the region?

Every year I feel bad about just throwing out my fresh Christmas tree. Are there any natural options for its use?

Every year my Christmas tree dries out, the ornaments seem too heavy, and it never has that nice evergreen scent. What tree species are the best for Christmas trees?

How can I make my Valentine’s Day roses last longer?

How do farm owners come up with the name for their farm?

How do I eat a balanced diet of local foods in the winter?

How do you become certified organic?

How does skim milk get manufactured?

How is it that different farming practices are helpful or beneficial?

How long does it take for milk to be processed and brought to a store?

How many hours a day do farmers work?

I am worried about the recent dry weather- should I water the trees in my yard?

I have a beautiful ash tree in my yard. Now that the emerald ash borer has been found in Northern New York, what are my options?

I have been seeing an insect on the outside of my house in large numbers- I’ve even found them crawling around inside.They are black and red.I’m concerned that they might be cockroaches or the dangerous ‘kissing bug’ that was in a Facebook post.

I notice that snowmobile trails go across open fields; do the farmers who own the fields allow this?

I’ve been hearing/seeing advertisement for the Dairyland Festival and Parade; what is this event?

I want to be a part of agriculture but don’t know where to start. What types of agricultural careers are there and what can agricultural programs prepare you for?

I want to buy local food products whenever I can. My food budget is limited and sometimes I question whether the “extra” I pay for local is worth the cost.

In the month of June I always notice a white, fluffy material floating through the air.I assume it comes from a plant. What is it?

Is it legal to drive farm equipment on the roads?

Is the rate of change for agriculture efficiency meeting the increase in world population considering the decrease in cultivatable land? Consider values such as the trend/rate of change in acre/hectare efficiency, loss of agricultural land, and increase in population. Bottom line, is technology keeping up with demand?

Is the shamrock a real plant or is it mythical like leprechauns?

I’ve been seeing a lot of farm vehicles on the road lately. What’s the best way to navigate the road with these slow moving vehicles?

June is Dairy Month and my children came home from a school activity encouraging me to buy more dairy products. When I go down the dairy isle at my grocery store I am amazed at all the choices! What should I choose?

Large trucks, like tankers, dump trucks, and tractor trailers, are often coming in and out of farms and fields this time of year; are these farm vehicles safe?

“More and more I am seeing locally grown foods. How do I know that products grown locally are safe, clean, and healthy products?”

Over the past few years I have noticed an abundance of yellow flowers along roadways and in old fields. They appear in early summer and look like a yellow version of Queen Anne’s lace.Someone told me they are toxic – is this true?

Someone told me that farmers would rather have snow all winter instead of an open winter.Why would that be?

The ash trees in my woodlot are dying. Is this caused the emerald ash borer?

The idea of farming sounds like fun. Growing food, working with animals all seems relaxing and not terribly difficult. How much experience is really important when working with agriculture?

There is a lot a buzz about getting local food into schools. What is one way CCE is helping to do this?

What are plant hardiness zones? Many plants that I’ve tried to grow do not seem to live through the winter.

What are some common misconceptions about soil?

What are the benefits of composting and should it become a community service in parallel with trash and recycling pick-up?

What exactly is Emerald Ash Borer?

What exactly is mistletoe and why is it associated with kissing during the holidays?

What happens to milk after it leaves the farm?

What is 4-H?

What is a “factory farm”?

What is a Food Desert? How can I get more involved in growing my own food?

What is an invasive species and how does it affect me?

What is conservation medicine?

What is Extension?

What is FFA?

What is in Dairy Products that make them spoil?

What is Japanese Knotweed and how can we control it?

What is the difference between butter and margarine?

What is the difference between Roundup and Roundup for Lawns?

What is the easiest job on a farm?

What is the job of a farmer and what is the hardest thing about it?

What is the job outlook for students going to college for agriculture?

What is Wild Parsnip and is it dangerous?

What local foods are available in May in the North Country?

What makes Greek style yogurt different from “regular” yogurt?

When I think agriculture I imagine an older white male on a tractor – what are the real demographics for farming and agriculture in America today?

Where can I get local meat to grill for Memorial Day and the summer season?

Why are only maple trees used for making syrup?

Why did S. Claus choose reindeer instead of cows or horses to pull his sleigh?

Why do people bring animals to the county fair?

Why has there been a loss of biodiversity and a decrease in plant varieties and nutrients in plants over time?

With invasive species being a problem in many areas, what can I do to try and keep them off my property or control them once they get here?

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I am wondering about chocolate. Does milk chocolate really contain milk?

Last updated December 21, 2022