Geocache Found!
Image by Karen Soule

Geocache Found!

High Ropes Course

High Ropes at 4-H Camp Wabasso

Dog Agility Practice
Image by Karen Soule

Agility Practice

Kids and longhorns

4-H Clubs

4-H Clubs are organized groups of youth with geographic boundaries or subject matter interests in the neighborhood, school or community level.

Jefferson County 4-H Clubs:

Jefferson County Dairy Club - Don’t forget to have your 3 Servings A-DAY, because these kids sure don’t! If you are extremely experienced in the dairy industry or looking to gain more knowledge this is the club for you! Youth ranging from age 5-18 participate in everything from Dairy Bowl, Dairy Judging, and Showing to fundraising and public awareness. This group conducts most of its meetings and business at the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County office and is always looking for new members.

Livestock Club- Goats, Sheep, and Beef oh My! The Jefferson County Livestock Club is always looking for new members to spread a positive message about the animal industry. This livestock club includes kids with all different skill levels and ages. The livestock club meets at the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County office usually once a month to plan and execute activities relating to their furry or wooly companions.

Peeps and Squeaks focuses on rabbits, poultry, and cavies (guinea pigs). The club meets once a month at the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County office to present their animal-based projects and have a great time as a group. If you are looking for a club that focuses on small animals this is the club for you!

Blue Star Equestrian, CT’s Equestrian, Honey Do Lane, and Trail of Friends are just a few of the many horse clubs that Jefferson County is lucky to have! These fantastic clubs are located all over the county and many of them conduct their meetings and events right at their stable. Contact the office for more information because we all know a horse is a horse, of course of course, and you are never too early to start riding.

Viper’s 4-H Club- The School Age Center on Fort Drum hosts the Viper’s 4-H Club. The before and after school program offers a variety of projects that the students can choose to participate in. Some of the projects and programs that the students participated in during the past year were: Animal Club, Dance Club, Cooking Club, Sports Clubs, Photography Club and Lego Robotics (STEM) Clubs. This summer the students worked on a gardening project; they started seedlings using a light set and transplanted the plants to the raised beds that are in their yard. The staff at the School Age Center is trained in positive youth development and offers projects the students voice an interest in.

The Fort Drum All Stars are based at the Youth Center, which is located next door to the School Age Center. Again the staff is trained in positive youth development and the students are encouraged to give voice to the programming they would like to see. The All Stars focus is about development of leadership in the students that participate as well as community service and citizenship events. These students also participate and learn about cooking, especially regarding various ethnicities and cultures. There is a strong interest in the arts: music, photography, art, theater, and dance as well.

Furry Friends 4-H Dog- Who let the dogs out? Not these responsible young people. Youth ranging from ages 8-18 learn not only responsibility with their four-legged friends but ownership and experience. These outstanding young people learn everything from grooming and handling to agility and how to make yummy homemade dog treats. The group generally meets at the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County office twice a month and is always looking for a few more furry friends.

Adventure Club- This exciting, outdoors, action-packed club is ready to grow its membership! If you are interested in shooting sports, hiking, and just plain outdoors fun, this club is the club for you! Most events are to be announced and are open to any and all 4-H members. For more information please contact the office because this club meets wherever the wind blows.

Lucky Clovers 4-H Club - You would be lucky to be a member in this club! Club members get first-hand experience in the diary industry, as well as the maple syrup industry. They participate in dairy bowl, sewing, cooking, and public presentations. 

Awesome Green 4-H Squad - These club members know that being a member of their 4-H club is an awesome experience. Located in southern Jefferson County, club members are mostly younger youth. Talented adult leaders offer a wide array of hands-on activities that have included environmental projects and geocaching. 

Freedom Riders - As their name implies, these members have the freedom of many different projects to fit their varied interests. A couple of club members drive their horses, some show dairy cattle, while others pursue other avenues, such as gardening and crafts. 

4-H Warriors - This club, located near Fort Drum, specializes in community service projects such as working at community gardens. In the past they have also been involved with Habitat for Humanity by raising funds with their popsicle house creations! Members can also look forward to doing exploratory 4-H projects. 

More Than Hooves - Just what kind of hooves do you wonder? More than just hooves are involved with this club! These club members mostly work with llamas and alpacas, but also learn about dogs, horses, poultry, and gardening. Every year they have a big display of their projects at the country fair to show that they are more than just hooves!

The Flaming Arrows 4-H Club is our longest running club, which began over 35 years ago. Most of their members are Cloverbuds (kindergarten through second graders). Flaming Arrow members get to walk in the nearby gorge of the Sandy Creek, hunt for fossils and learn about what they once were, walk along Lake Ontario, and learn basic cooking and crafting. Members also participate in Public Presentations. 

4-H Environmental Science Club - Do you enjoy being outdoors and participating in citizen science projects? In 4-H Environmental Science Club, youth are actively involved in water quality monitoring, surveying for invasive species, and more. This club is for youth in grades 4-8, and meets once a month.

The Timeless Textiles 4-H Club focuses on all textile projects! This club is open to all youth ages 6-18 and meets once a month on a Sunday afternoon in Philadelphia, NY. Youth can look forward to learning how to hand-sew, how to use a sewing machine, how to crochet and knit, and more! If you are crafty, looking to learn how to sew, or just looking to build new skills, this club is for you!


Kathryn Ripstein
4-H Community Energy Program Manager
315-788-8450 ext. 232

Last updated April 21, 2022