Ropes course at 4-H Camp Wabasso
Wild Edible Identification at 4-H Camp Wabasso
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Off-Season Programming

Adventure Program: 

The Adventure Program is designed to build trust, teamwork, group dynamics, communication, and self-esteem in youth, teens, and adults. 

Programming consists of teambuilding initiatives and includes low and high ropes elements that challenge individual and group abilities. 

Programming is designed to meet the individual needs of each group. 


  • 4 hours: $25 per participant 
  • 8 hours: $50 per participant 

*8 participant minimum.

*Program length can be modified.

Outdoor Education: 

4-H Camp Wabasso offers unique, specialized field trips and programs to youth groups year round. All programming is developed using 4-H research-based curricula. 

Programming examples include: hiking, wild edible identification, geocaching, environmental education, wilderness survival skills, STEM challenges, archery, and more! 

In the winter we offer snowshoeing, skiing, winter shelter building, tracking, and more! 

**Programming availability is dependent on group size, staffing, and weather. 

Cost: $15 per participant 

Ready to sign up? 

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Sabrina DeRue
4-H Camp Wabasso Director
315-788-8450 ext. 229

Last updated December 1, 2022