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Camp Classes

4-H Yoga and Mindfulness Minimum age 8
Get your Zen on! Campers in this class will learn different yoga poses, play yoga games, participate in partner poses, practice breathing exercises, learn strategies for stress management, and make glitter jars. 

Adventure Basics Minimum age 8
Campers in this beginner adventure class will participate in a variety of games and fun group initiatives designed to develop trust, teamwork, and communication. 

Archery Basics Minimum age 9.
No previous archery experience necessary! This beginner archery class will teach campers the parts of a recurve bow and arrow, archery safety, and campers will practice to develop their archery skills.

Archery: Beyond the Basics Minimum age 10 and 1 year of camp archery experience. 
Campers will improve upon their aim and archery skills, while working on advance targets and competition games. Campers will also learn the parts of a compound bow.

Arts and Crafts Open to all campers
Be creative in this traditional camp class! Make friendship bracelets, try your hand at beading, try leather crafting, and more! Every camper will have the opportunity to take several projects home. 

Camping and Backpacking Minimum age 12, or 11 and have taken Wilderness Survival previously.
Learn essential skills for backpacking and hiking in the wilderness! Campers will participate in activities like pitching a tent, practicing Leave No Trace principles, and outdoor cooking. Campers will also be able to spend one night in a tent on the Nature Trail. 

Canoeing and Kayaking Minimum age 8
Al aboard! Campers in this class will learn the difference between types of canoe strokes and by the end of the week they will be able to glide effortlessly through the water!

Fishing Minimum age 8
Campers will learn how to prepare for and go fishing. From the basics of baiting a hook and casting a rod, to learning different kinds of fish and their habitats, this class offers a fun fishing experience for all ages! Camp will provide all equipment - no need to bring your own. 

High Ropes Minimum age 12, or 11 and have taken ropes previously.
Campers will spend a part of each day on our High Ropes course. Campers will navigate through the Multi-vine Traverse, Postman's Walk and Pirate's Crossing, as well as go for a ride on the Giant Swing. Campers will also get to go on our new Flying Squirrel! 

Junior-Counselor-In-Training Minimum age 15 
Campers in this program will spend time developing the skills necessary to become a counselor. Campers will shadow counselors, help lead activities, and develop their critical thinking and communication skills.

Leader-in-Training Minimum age 13, precursor to Junior-Counselor-in-Training
In this leadership class campers will start learning what it takes to become a counselor. Through fun, hands-on activities campers will develop necessary life skills such as communication, cooperation, teamwork and problem solving skills.

Low Ropes Team Challenge Minimum age 10
Camper focus on team-building and communication skills through the use of low ropes elements. Campers also learn spotting and safety techniques as they move through our low ropes course. New elements will be included this camp season.

Nature Art Open to all campers. 
Get creative with Nature! Do nature themed crafts like leaf and flower pressing, leaf paintings, make pine cone bird feeders and more! Campers will get to take home multiple projects.

Nature and Hiking Open to all campers
Campers in this class will learn the Leave No Trace principles through fun, hands-on activities and explore the nature trails at camp.

Paddle Boarding Minimum age 10
Campers will learn the different parts of a paddle board and learn how to paddle in the sitting, kneeling and standing positions! By the end of the week campers will be able to paddle like a pro!

Sports and Recreation Open to all campers
Come out and play! Campers will participate in sports such as lacrosse, kickball, soccer and volleyball! Campers will learn rules, sportsmanship and strategies for these sports. And just maybe we will have our new basketball court in place to try out!

Swimming Open to all campers
All campers at 4-H Camp Wabasso are automatically assigned a swim class for their week at camp. After camp registration, youth will take a swim test down at our beach and be placed into a Red Cross swim class. Youth will get a chance to advance their swim skills, spend time on our beautiful beach, and have FUN! 

Water Games Minimum age 8
Come out and play in the water! Campers will play games such as Marco Polo, sharks and minnows, water volleyball and frisbee. Campers will have fun in Millsite Lake!

Wilderness Survival Minimum age 10
If you want to have fun and learn skills as you explore the outdoors, then this class is for you! Campers will learn how to build a fire, work together to build shelters, learn how to tie knots, and more!

Wildlife Exploration Minimum age 8
Through hands-on activities, campers in this class will learn about common plants and animals found at camp. Campers will also participate in fun games that teach them about habitats, adaptations, carrying capacity, and how animals interact with each other. 


Sabrina DeRue
4-H Camp Wabasso Director
315-788-8450 ext. 229

Last updated December 2, 2022