4-H Junior Iron Chef

About the Contest: 4-H Junior Iron Chef is a team contest showcasing youth’s culinary and nutritional skills. It is similar to the TV show, “Chopped,” where teams are given a “mystery” ingredient and one hour to create a healthy dish utilizing the mystery ingredient plus a community “pantry” of shared ingredients. Youth are judged in five different categories: taste, presentation, healthy choices, floor skills, and an oral presentation to the judges. The 2019 date and information will be coming soon!

Who can participate: All Jefferson County 4-H Junior Iron Chef events are open to middle and high school youth ages 12-18. Youth must be part of a team. A team consists of 3-5 youth between these ages plus one adult coach (aged 18 or older). Coaches could be parents, guardians, teachers, older siblings, etc., and are there to help monitor kitchen and food safety, but are not allowed to aid the team by cooking or giving oral directions. There is no middle or high school age division so participants may have mixed ages on their teams. No team? No problem! Sign up to attend as an individual, and we will create a team from all individual sign-ups received.


Amanda Root
Director of Operations/Nutrition, Health & Parenting Issue Leader
(315) 788-8450 ext. 273

Last updated May 11, 2018