4-H Yoga for Kids

4-H Yoga for Kids

4-H Healthy Living

4-H Healthy Living Walmart Initiative has been reaching out to economically disadvantaged youth, military youth, and Native American youth from the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe since 2014. The North Country 4-H District has worked collaboratively since then to provide healthy living education programs to 5,802 students in K-12th grades. Ninety-six of the students were trained and served as Choose Health Ambassador Teens (CHAT). Approximately 30 4-H educators have been trained in the research-based curricula used (listed in the left sidebar) and the program has been delivered in 4-H afterschool settings, during the school day at the schools, at 4-H camps, and at 4-H clubs. Approximately one hundred volunteers have assisted with the program and over 10,000 community members have received educational outreach via paper copy, electronically, or at educational community outreach events.

The 4-H common measures post surveys clearly demonstrate positive changes in healthy living behaviors for youth and their families, such as:

  • learning the local resources available to families to support and provide further information on healthy living; 
  • families eating at least one meal together daily; 
  • youth and families improving dietary choices and increasing physical fitness levels; and 
  • youth positively changing their attitudes towards, and understanding of, healthy foods.

All 4-H Educators are very supportive of the healthy living programs and promote healthy foods and movement activities at programs.


Stephanie Graf
Youth, Family & Community Development Issue Leader
(315) 788-8450 ext. 251

Last updated November 26, 2017