2014 Camp Staff with week one youth!

2014 Camp Staff with week one youth!

2014 Camp Staff with week two youth!

2014 Camp Staff with week two youth!

Meet Your 2018 Camp Staff!

Mike Kinnie is very excited to once again return as camp director! At 4-H Camp Wabasso he was also a camper, a Counselor-In-Training, a Counselor's Aid, a Senior Counselor, Coordinator of Camping & Woodcraft, Program Director/Assistant Director, and Camp Director. His eclectic experience also includes founder and Producing Artistic Director of the Lake Ontario Playhouse and the Thousand Islands Comedy Festival, and the Mayor of Sackets Harbor, NY. He also teaches middle schoolers at the StageDoor Theatre, the Evergreen Country Day School, and the Boulder Mackintosh School and Creative Writing, all in Colorado. He has a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Goddard College and has completed his first novel about an eleven-year-old time-traveling boy.

I'm Jim the Maintenance Man!! I don't really call anywhere my home because I grew up around the world as a Navy brat. I developed my handy skills with two AA degrees from Morrisville Ag and Tech and a Bachelors Degree in History. Camp has consumed 14 years of my life; my first year as maintenance, then six years as the Camp Director, and now another seven years in maintenance. My hobbies include loving music, woodworking, guitar, and impersonating my favorite of the Seven Dwarfs... Grumpy. 

Hello! My name is Ian Kinnie. I have been coming to 4-H Camp Wabasso for many years, first as a camper where I learned and came to appreciate the wonders of the great outdoors. I went through the Counselor in Training program and eventually was a Counselor Assistant. Soon thereafter, I was a Junior Counselor, Senior Counselor and last summer Coordinator of the Outdoor Activity Program. This year I will join the camp staff team as the Assistant Director.

Hi, my name is Hayden Peterson. I graduated from Jefferson Community College, and will be headed into my senior year enrolled at SUNY Plattsburgh. I enjoy outdoors activities such as soccer, ultimate frisbee, and hiking. I’m looking forward to this summer as the Archery Program Coordinator!

Hi! I'm Bri Douglas. I'm going into my senior year at DePauw University in Indiana, studying Communication and Studio Art. I have been involved with 4-H here in Indiana for most of my life. I love arts and crafts - drawing and sculpting, helping people have fun and laugh, and being outside hammocking & enjoying nature. I am extremely excited to use my passion for 4-H, art, and learning to help campers have the best experience, as their Arts and Crafts Coordinator for 4-H Camp Wabasso this summer!

Hello! My name is Michelle A. Smith I am 22 years old and a Psychology major at SUNY Potsdam. I'm originally from Brooklyn, NY, were life is just as diverse as me. I am a first generation Haitian American. Also, I love all things artsy so I do well with things relating to the subject. If I were to describe myself with a quote, it would be Maya Angelou's. Which Starr's, "we admire at the sight of the butterfly. But rarely acknowledge the change that it went through." To me it means we will all be who we want to be in life, or that we are already there.

Hello there. My name is Patrick Baker and I am 19 years old. This will be my fifth summer at 4-H Camp Wabasso and my second year on staff! I am an Outdoor Education major at New England College. This year, I will be working as a Lifeguard and Senior Counselor. I can't wait to pick up where I left off!

Andrew Myane - or "OG" as Andrew is known at camp, will be the waterfront coordinator this year at Camp Wabasso. He is an experienced American Red Cross lifeguard, loves the lake and has been going to 4-H Camp Wabasso since he was a Cloverbud. He was a CIT, CA, and Counselor and now will be teaching swimming lessons and paddle boarding, as well as acting as the Bear Clan leader. 

Kaitlyn Elliott, or "strings at camp," is a sophomore Music Therapy major at Nazareth College. This will be her second year on staff. She will be teaching theater and yoga and assisting in the ropes course. She can't wait to be back at camp doing what she loves! 

Hello! My name is Jocelyn. I am 21 years old and I grew up in Henderson, NY. This is my first year at Camp Wabasso. I'm the Lead Kitchen Coordinator working with my younger sister, Kiara (18) as my kitchen assistant. I recently just moved back to New York after living in Florida for the past 9 months. I joined camp because I'm the oldest out of 11 siblings and my younger sister Jayla (10) is also joining us this year and this is also her first year at camp. We are all so excited to share this experience together and looking forward to an amazing summer here at 4-H Camp Wabasso. 

Alyssa is excited for her first year at Camp Wabasso as a Senior Counselor. She came as a camper for two years and hopes to give the kids the same amazing experience at camp that she had. Alyssa is CPR/First Aid Certified and has been working with 4-H for the entirety of her teen years. She is excited for the opportunity to keep the 4-H mission alive. 

Clark is thrilled to be on staff this year as a lifeguard. Clark plans on making camp more safe and fun as a whole. This is Clark's 10th year here at Camp Wabasso. He started as a camper and now this will be Clark's first year on staff. Clark has taken all 3 years of the CIT program and is certified in CPR/First Aid and as a waterfront lifeguard.

Dylan is very thrilled to finally be a counselor after going to camp for the past 9-10 years. Dylan plans to make the kids have a very fun, yet very safe experience here at 4-H Camp Wabasso. This will be Dylan's first year on staff. Dylan has taken all 3 years of the CIT program and 1 year of the CA program. Dylan is certified in CPR/First Aid and is assisting in archery and soon will be an archery coordinator.

John, aka "Weasley" has been going to 4-H Camp Wabasso for 12 years now, (starting as a "Cloverbud"), but this is his first year on staff. He will be helping teach camping, wilderness survival, and ropes. He loves nature and couldn't be anymore connected to it. He's really excited for the summer!

Erin, aka "B.O.B." (Bucket of Browns) is in her 8th year at 4-H Camp Wabasso, but this is her first year on staff. She will be patrolling the waterfront as a lifeguard and getting a tan (while using sunscreen of course). She also is entrusted with the duty of composting. 

Hi, I'm Megan. I am the overnight safety officer for Camp Wabasso. I am responsible for the safety of counselors and campers during their stay. This is my third year in this position and I am looking forward to another summer.


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