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Camp Rental

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2020 Rental rates:

Option 1- The entire facility, except the A-frame (Director’s Quarters) and Arts and Crafts facility can be rented for $625 per day. There is no specific check in or out time.

Smaller groups may rent a portion of camp based on their needs:

Option 2- Cabins (including bathhouse)- There are 13 screened, unheated cabins at a cost of $65 per day, per cabin. Seven cabins have a capacity of six to eight people, three have a capacity of 10 to 12 people, and two have a capacity of 10 to 14 people. A minimum of three cabins must be rented.

Option 3- Hiawatha Dining Hall (including bathhouse)- A heated commercial kitchen and dining facility for up to 130 people at a cost of $275 per day. Two bathrooms (one with a shower) are also included in the facility. There is a walk-in cooler, a chest freezer, upright freezer, refrigerator, commercial dishwasher, six-burner range, grill, and double oven as well as pots, pans, plates, silverware, and other cooking utensils.

Option 4- Health Center (including bathhouse)- Heated, insulated infirmary with two bedrooms, living room, a bathroom and shower, and a full kitchen at a cost of $125 per day. Can sleep up to six people.

Additional Programs & Services:

Option 1- Four-hour Low or High Ropes-Teambuilding- Outdoor Ed Program: Camp renters can enjoy the grounds with trained staff for a cost of $25 per person, for a minimum of eight to 10 people.

Option 2- Eight-hour High & Low Ropes- Team Building- Outdoor Ed Program: Camp renters can enjoy the grounds with trained staff for a cost of $50 per person, for a minimum of eight to 10 people.

Meals- Meals may be provided if camp is rented a minimum of three months prior to arrival, depending on availability of a cook. Breakfast- $6 per person; Lunch- $9 per person; Dinner- $12 per person.

Lifeguards- $30 per hour with a three hour minimum. One lifeguard per 25 people required on waterfront; we can provide if necessary. No swimming allowed after the third Monday in September. Renters may use boats, but a lifeguard must be on duty.

Insurance- The renter also needs to provide $1,000,000 in insurance; this is accomplished through a homeowner’s policy. No insurance is needed for groups that are only using the ropes courses.



Lisa Vaughn
Administrative Assistant
(315) 788-8450 ext. 261

Last updated January 29, 2021