Runway Lights Parlor

Runway Lights Parlor

Dairy cow at Marlindale Farm, Groton NY (2009)
Image by Sandy Repp


Dairy farmers have the opportunity to improve the management of their herd through consultations, workshops, discussion groups, Pro-Dairy classes, and the North Country Regional Ag Team newsletter. Subjects include feeding, breeding, calf care, milking, and business management. Farm Service Agency approved courses are also offered. 

PRO-DAIRY, a NYS dairy industry educational resource housed in Cornell University's Animal Science Program, enables farm families and other agricultural professionals to realize their values and strive to achieve their professional and personal goals. Through its research, discussion groups, educational programs, financial analysis, websites, publications and personal contacts, the Cornell University based program reaches thousands of dairy professionals annually. Learn more at:

Last updated October 31, 2022