Dairy cattle in the Cornell Dairy Research Center in Harford, NY (Cornell University Photography).
Image by Jason Koski

Dairy and Livestock

Our successful Dairy and Livestock program provides education and information through seminars, informal meetings, discussion groups, and individual consultations. Education is also provided through on-farm visits and technical programs. Attend one of our field walks, marketing classes or shop meetings to enhance your agricultural business, raise healthier livestock and meet other producers.

The Educators for livestock and dairy are responsible for educating producers and beginning farmers on the best and most up to date management practices, product marketing, value added products and business development for their livestock operations. Our trainings are based on proven University based research tempered with practical experience designed to work in the real world of the livestock business. Educators can assist with start-up, new technologies, direct marketing, salesmanship and animal health information and work with industry partners to help producers reach their goals. Our business is to help producers grow their business, be profitable and to be sustainable on their farming operations.

Last updated December 15, 2021