Adopting Healthy Habits

Adopting Healthy Habits works with local communities to make the North Country a healthier place to live, work, and play. The Adopting Healthy Habits Community Coalition helps local groups, community leaders, and organizations create policies, practices, and environments to make healthy lifestyles the easy choice. Examples include Farmers' Markets, places where families can be active together, and employers that support wellness.

A healthy lifestyle is about the choices we all make – how we live our lives, what we choose to eat, and the activities we participate in every day. Those choices, however, are shaped by the opportunities that surround us. Research demonstrates that people are more likely to engage in healthy behaviors when communities are supportive; have convenient, low cost access to nutritious foods; and have safe, fun ways to be active.

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April Bennett
Nutrition Program Manager
(315) 788-8450 ext. 265

Last updated July 31, 2019