Sheep grazing under solar panels in Solar Park of the Benelux, Deme in Belgium
Image by Antalexion
wood pellet stove in operation
Image by Isabella Pellets

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is the energy collected from naturally replenished sources. Energy sources are generally considered renewable if they regenerate within the human timescale. Currently, the primary sources of renewable energy are sunlight, biomass, wind, water, and geothermal heat. These sources generate energy through a system. For example, sunlight is converted to electricity through a solar panel system. Click on the links to your left to learn more about the energy generated from wind, biomass, and sunlight.

Renewable energy incentives: If you are interested in renewable energy opportunities, visit NYSERDA or call 1-866-NYSERDA


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Energy Program Manager
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Last updated June 23, 2023