Cooking & Nutrition Tips and Workshops

1. Making Breadcrumbs

Wondering what to do with your stale bread? Make breadcrumbs! (3 min.)

2. Black Bean Brownies

Learn how to make black bean brownies as an alternative to regular brownies. You won't be able to tell the difference! (8 min.) 

3. Soaking Beans

Do you have dry beans in your cupboard? Get them soaking and ready for use! (2 min.) 

4. Roasted Veggies

Hannah shows us how to roast fresh vegetables! (6 min.) 

5. What can I cook with... lentils?! 

Learn how to make delicious lentil tacos! (18 min.) 

6. School & Community Garden Workshop

Looking to start a school or community garden? We can help get you started! (1.5 hr.) 

7. What can I cook with... canned meat?

Learn how to make a delicious vegetable stir-fry. (30 min.)

8. Chopping Onions

Learn how to easily chop onions! (5 min.)

9. Simple Spaghetti Sauce

Learn how to make an easy, homemade spaghetti sauce. (7 min.)

10. Turkey Meatballs

These easy to make turkey meatballs will go great with the simple spaghetti sauce. (10 min.)

11. Cooked Brown Rice

Learn how easy it is to make brown rice! (3 min.)

12. Pizza Dough

Learn how to make your own pizza dough! (6 min.)

13. Taco Bowls

Learn how to make these delicous, healthy taco bowls. (18 min.)

14. Baked Chicken Nuggets

Learn how to make a new version of this family favorite. (10 min.)

15. Beef and Vegetable Stew

Learn how to make beef and vegetable stew using canned beef. (16 min.) 

16. Pulled Pork Sliders

Try this easy recipe for pulled pork sliders! (11 min.)

17. Chicken Burgers

Change up your burger game with these easy chicken burgers! (8 min.)

18. Picadillo

Try this delicious recipe! (15 min.)

19. Carrot Oatmeal Pancakes

Try a new pancake recipe! (10 min.)

20. Chili Beefy Tomato Mac & Cheese

This one pot recipe has all the favorites! (15 min.)

21. What can I cook with... Red Cabbage?

Do you have red cabbage and you aren't sure what to make with it? We can help! (22 min.)

22. What can I cook with... Canned Tuna?

Do you have an abundance of canned tuna in your pantry? Try this new recipe! (17 min.)

23. What can I cook with... Ramen Noodles?

Learn how to make a delicious recipe from this common pantry item. (21 min.)

24. Pumpkin Ricotta Stuffed Shells

Try this low-cost recipe! (8 min.)

25. What can I cook with... Quinoa? 

Do you want to try quinoa but are unsure of what to make? Try this recipe! (29 min.) 

26. Shepherd's Pie

Try this Shepherd's Pie recipe that uses sweet potatoes! (15 min.)

27. Family Snacking: Morning Muffins

Try a new recipe and receive some nutrition and parenting tips! (27 min.)

28. What can I cook with... Chickpeas?

Try this meatless recipe that uses chickpeas and sweet potatoes! (26 min.)

29. What can I cook with... Oats?

Do you have an abundance of oats in your pantry? Try this recipe! (20 min.)

30. Frittata

Try this easy, healthy recipe that uses many vegetables! (13 min.)

31. Family Snacking: Ranch Dip

Try this easy snack recipe the whole family will love and hear some great parenting tips! (8 min.)

32. What can I cook with... Pearl Couscous? 

Try this delicious recipe using pearl couscous. (30 min.) 

33. What can I cook with... Split Peas?

Do you have split peas in your pantry and are wondering what to do with them? Try this recipe! (21 min.)

34. Refried Beans

Try this easy recipe for your next Taco Tuesday! (5 min.) 

35. Burrito Soup

Try this easy recipe that is also great as leftovers! (5 min.)

36. Vegetable Broth

Reduce kitchen waste by trying this recipe for vegetable broth. (6 min.)

37. Bell Pepper Smoothie

Add more vegetables to your diet with this delicious smoothie! (6 min.)

38. What can I cook with... Frozen Veggies? 

Sometimes steaming our frozen veggies can get boring. Try these different recipes to make your vegetables more enjoyable! (23 min.) 

39. Slow Cooker Yogurt

Did you know you can make your own yogurt?! Try this easy recipe. (10 min.)

40. Almond Rice Pudding

Try this delicious recipe for a new family favorite. (12 min.)

41. Spicy Rice Casserole

Do you like spicy foods? Try this recipe! (7 min.)

42. Strawberry Salsa

This recipe uses delicious, fresh strawberries! (10 min.)


Amanda Root
Director of Operations/ Nutrition, Parenting, Taste NY & Fort Drum Issue Leader
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Last updated June 29, 2020