Buying Local

Why Buy Local? Beyond the benefits of direct sales for farmers, farmers’ markets can benefit local economies. One of these benefits is that more food dollars are spent and retained in the local area, versus on food imported from other regions of the country or internationally. As more money stays in the local economy, more money is spent by and at other local businesses. Known as the multiplier effect, for every dollar of income earned by a farmer at a farmers’ market, other local businesses generate $.48 of income.

Also… consumers may be enticed to shop at other businesses in the vicinity of the farmers’ market. These indirect sales have been estimated to be $.58 for every dollar spent at a farmers market. In the same study, a job multiplier of 1.45 was found, in other words, for every job at a farmers’ market, nearly half of another job was supported somewhere else in the local economy.

Farmers' Markets

Farmers’ Markets have many benefits, among them increasing fresh fruit and vegetable consumption, directly connecting consumers with farmers, and economic benefits for participating farmers and communities where farmer’s markets are located. Increased interest by consumers in local foods has led to the continuing expansion of the number of farmers’ markets nationwide.

Why Everyone Should Shop at a Farmers' Market

  1. Farmers' markets offer a wide diversity of affordable foods. Many varieties of vegetables and fruits are simply not found anywhere but at your local farmers market. 
  2. Vegetables and fruits are the freshest at farmers' markets since they are harvested within hours of being offered to you. That is when they are at their peak for flavor and freshness, and full of vitamins and minerals that are important to keeping us healthy.
  3. Farmers love to tell their story. When you shop at a farmers' market you have the opportunity to meet and visit with the farmers who grow your food. You can ask questions and learn about agriculture and how your food is grown and harvested. 
  4. Shopping at a farmers' market is a family-friendly experience. 
  5. Support your local farming community by buying your food directly from a farmer.
  6. You are supporting a local economy when you spend your food dollars at a farmers' market. 
  7. Support a more "green" environment. The traditional meal, including meat and vegetables, travels anywhere from 1,500 - 2,400 miles to reach your plate. When you shop at a farmers' market, your food comes from just a few miles away! 


Amanda Root
Director of Operations/ Nutrition, Parenting, Taste NY & Fort Drum Issue Leader
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Last updated May 3, 2021