Support your local farmers.

Support your local farmers.

High tunnel gardens extend the season in the North Country.

High tunnel gardens extend the season in the North Country.

Save our bees!

Save our bees!

Horticulture News Library

May/June 2018 Horticulture News

Invasives Update

Master Gardener Corner—Gardening for Exercise

Pollinator of the Month—Bumble Bees (Bombus spp.)

Species Across the Continent

March/April 2018 Horticulture News

All-America Flower Selections for 2018

Are We There Yet?

Cool and Warm Season Vegetables

The Awakening of Spring

January/February 2018 Horticulture News

Another 'Fly' in the Ointment

Join Us for the 2018 Master Gardener Film Festival!

Planning for Spring: Manures

January/February 2018 Calendar

November/December 2017 Horticulture News

A Success Story—The Watertown Urban Mission Garden

Big Tree Scouting Continues

Join Us for the 2018 Master Gardener Film Festival!

Master Gardener Corner—Turning Green Waste into Treasure

Rainfall 2017

September/October 2017 Horticulture News

CCE Pollinator Garden

Don't Fear the Goldenrod!

It's Autumn...Dealing with Leaves

Master Gardener Corner: Undomesticated is the New Garden

Water Chestnut Rapid Response

Wet Weather Woes

July/August 2017 Horticulture News

Master Gardener Corner: Loving Lambsquarters

Pollinator Pathway Garden at CCE Jefferson

Rampant, but harmless, Maple Disease

The Dangers of Volcano Mulching

Watertown Urban Mission Community Garden

May/June 2017 Horticulture News:

Eastern Lake Ontario Invasive Species Symposium

In Memory of Cindie Cohen

Join Our Local Pollinator Pathway—Free signs and plants!

Master Gardener Corner: Pleasing Parsley

Master Gardener Plant Sale—May 20

National Pollinator Week—June 19 - 25, 2017

The Pesky Boxelder Bug (Leptocoris trivittatus)

March/April 2017 Horticulture News:

2017 - The Year of...

Jefferson County Big Tree Project

Pick a Pepper

Master Gardener Corner: Using Vinegar in the Garden

January/February 2017 Horticulture News:

Banana Pops

Biological Controls for Invasive Species

Emerald Ash Borer: Beware of Dying Ash Trees

Looking for Large Trees in Jefferson County

Master Gardener Corner: Who Says You Can't Grow Quince Fruit in the North Country!

Oak Wilt Pops Up Again in NY


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