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May/June 2019

Dirt is a Four Letter Word (Literally and Figuratively!)


Lawn Care Basics

When to Plant

March/April 2019

A Little Mess Can Go a Long Way

Lilac Longing

Master Gardener Corner - Winter Wonder, Spring Hunger

Planting Flowers to Support Pollinators - Species vs. Cultivars

Swallow-wort Biocontrol Success, So Far...

Wee Little Plant

January/February 2019

A Successful Community Garden - Thanks to Master Gardeners!

Master Gardener Corner - Musings on My Sleeping Garden

Climate Change; Gardening Action

Winter Injury - Sunscald on Trees

November/December 2018

A Citrus-Scented Christmas Tree

Fall is for Garlic

Cranberry Confusion

September/October 2018 Horticulture News

Drought Decisions

Leaf Peeping

Sumac Anxiety

Tomatoes and Temperature

July/August 2018 Horticulture News

Master Gardener Corner -- Gardening Tips

Master Gardeners in the Community

Is Cauliflower the New Kale?

Beware of Wild Parsnip Season!

May/June 2018 Horticulture News

Invasives Update

Master Gardener Corner—Gardening for Exercise

Pollinator of the Month—Bumble Bees (Bombus spp.)

Species Across the Continent

March/April 2018 Horticulture News

All-America Flower Selections for 2018

Are We There Yet?

Cool and Warm Season Vegetables

The Awakening of Spring

January/February 2018 Horticulture News

Another 'Fly' in the Ointment

Join Us for the 2018 Master Gardener Film Festival!

Planning for Spring: Manures

January/February 2018 Calendar

November/December 2017 Horticulture News

A Success Story—The Watertown Urban Mission Garden

Big Tree Scouting Continues

Join Us for the 2018 Master Gardener Film Festival!

Master Gardener Corner—Turning Green Waste into Treasure

Rainfall 2017

September/October 2017 Horticulture News

CCE Pollinator Garden

Don't Fear the Goldenrod!

It's Autumn...Dealing with Leaves

Master Gardener Corner: Undomesticated is the New Garden

Water Chestnut Rapid Response

Wet Weather Woes

July/August 2017 Horticulture News

Master Gardener Corner: Loving Lambsquarters

Pollinator Pathway Garden at CCE Jefferson

Rampant, but harmless, Maple Disease

The Dangers of Volcano Mulching

Watertown Urban Mission Community Garden

May/June 2017 Horticulture News

Eastern Lake Ontario Invasive Species Symposium

In Memory of Cindie Cohen

Join Our Local Pollinator Pathway—Free signs and plants!

Master Gardener Corner: Pleasing Parsley

Master Gardener Plant Sale—May 20

National Pollinator Week—June 19 - 25, 2017

The Pesky Boxelder Bug (Leptocoris trivittatus)

March/April 2017 Horticulture News

2017 - The Year of...

Jefferson County Big Tree Project

Pick a Pepper

Master Gardener Corner: Using Vinegar in the Garden

January/February 2017 Horticulture News

Banana Pops

Biological Controls for Invasive Species

Emerald Ash Borer: Beware of Dying Ash Trees

Looking for Large Trees in Jefferson County

Master Gardener Corner: Who Says You Can't Grow Quince Fruit in the North Country!

Oak Wilt Pops Up Again in NY


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