Northern Red Oak in Sackets Harbor

Northern Red Oak in Sacket's Harbor

big tree project
white oak, TI park

White Oak, Thousand Island Park

Sugar Maple, Adams

Sugar Maple, Adams

Sugar Maple, Adams

Sugar Maple, Adams

Cottonwood, Sackets

Cottonwood, Sackets Harbor

Big Tree Project

Do you know of any impressive trees in Jefferson County? Contact Sue Gwise and we will arrange to evaluate and photograph the tree. We are looking for trees that are notable either in height, spread, or trunk diameter.

The largest tree we have measured so far is a northern red oak in the Sackets Harbor Military Cemetery. It has a trunk circumference of over 20 feet!


Sue Gwise
Consumer Horticulture Educator & Master Gardener Coordinator
315-788-8450 ext. 243

Last updated August 6, 2018