Transitions in Agriculture

There may come a day when it’s time to hang up the coveralls. Pursuing “life after the farm” can be emotional and very intimidating. While most people change jobs several times throughout their life, farmers are usually born into a career that has lasted 100’s of years. With this, reputation and tradition add additional pressures when choosing to make a lifestyle change. Whether it is retiring, changing your focus within the agricultural field, or entering a completely new venture, transition is always a challenge. From downsizing your herd, growing crops instead of heifers, or switching gears entirely, critical things to consider are finances, responsibility shifts, and making yourself marketable. Check out the resources on this page to get started! 

Even if you are transitioning into agriculture for the first time, there are resources for every step of the way. If you are active duty military or a veteran there are unique opportunities to help get you started as well. Check out the Farm Ops page on our website!


Michael Nuckols
Local Foods & Horticulture Program Manager
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Last updated May 11, 2021