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THE JEFFERSON-Growing Farms, Foods, and Futures

THE JEFFERSON-Growing Farms, Foods, and Futures is the latest newsletter created for your information and enjoyment. This free newsletter features local news for small farm businesses as well as backyard farmers, gardeners, and consumers. 


December 2020 Issue

Book Gifts for your Gardening and Nature Enthusiast

Christmas Morning on a Dairy Farm

Day Length Matters


Seed Ordering Tips for 2021

Taste NY Gift Baskets

Tax Planning More Critical Than Ever

Vermin Control When Growing Winter Greens

November 2020 Issue

Cold Injury and Storage of Winter Squash

Fall Cleanup in the Market Garden

Farm Fall Cleanup and Winter Preparation

Keeping Houseplants Healthy Over the Winter

September/October 2020 Issue

African Swine Fever

Blossom Drop in Tomatoes and Peppers

Dairy Advancement Program

In a Pickle with a Pile of Produce?

Next Generation Creamery

Why Benchmark?

Houseplants for Health

July/August 2020 Issue

Kaolin Clay - An Organic Solution for Crop Protection

Spotted Wing Drosophila in Berries - Act Now

Will Lime Fix Your Garden Woes?

It's Time for Broccoli

Treat Yourself to Fresh Spinach

May/June 2020 Issue


COVID-19 Resources from CCE

A Horticulture Pioneer in the North Country

Parsnips - A Delicious Storage Crop for Next Winter

March/April 2020 Issue

Home Energy Audits

Avoiding Rot in Stored Onions

Another 'Fly' in the Ointment

Where do our Field Crop Insect Pests Spend the Winters?

What is a Food Hub?

January/February 2020 Issue

Considerations When Leasing Agricultural Lands to Solar Developers

Discounted Trees and Shrubs

Eating Healthy on a Budget: Plan, Shop, Save

Selection and Use of Grow Lights

What is a Dairy Cooperative?

Winter Insect - The Snow Flea


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Last updated November 30, 2020