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THE JEFFERSON-Farm and Food E-News

THE JEFFERSON-Farm and Food E-News is the latest newsletter created for your information and enjoyment. This free newsletter features local news for small farm businesses as well as backyard farmers, gardeners, and consumers. Our first issue was released in September 2016 and will be emailed to subscribers every other month.


November/December 2019 Issue

Feed the Need: Making Healthier Food Donations to Food Pantries and School Backpack Programs

Late Fall Gardening Tasks

Storing the Fall Harvest Without a Root Cellar

September/October 2019 Issue

Woolly Bears and Winter Weather

Fall Agritourism

Woodlot Management

July/August 2019 Issue

Alyssa's Farewell to CCE

Eating Healthy While Eating Out

Milk Terms

Watch Out for Wild Parsnip

New to CCE

May/June 2019 Issue

Choosing Grass Species

Taste NY at the North Country Welcome Center

Spring Foods

March/April 2019 Issue

To Dye or Not to Dye...

Supporting Pollinators with Less Turf

Spring Cleaning on the Farmstead

January/February 2019 Issue

Starting Tomato Plants Indoors

New Year, Same CCE, New CeCe!

New Year, New You:Tips and tricks to help you succeed with your New Year's resolution

November/December 2018 Issue

Why Suspenders are a Better Dairy Farm Business Management Accessory Than a Belt

Droids, Drones, and Lasers: A Modern Farm Story

Seasonal Healthy Eats: Enjoying the Season without Busting Your Buttons or Your Budget!

September/October 2018 Issue

Fall Into a New Routine

PSA Grower Training

Delivering Water to our Cows While Preserving Groundwater Resources


Erin Churchill
Agriculture Outreach Educator

Last updated November 5, 2019