News Articles and Updates

Evaluating Aerial Data Access for All Corn Growers: NNYADP Research Update (Kara Dunn, 04/12/21)

Nutrient Management, Conservation Efficiency Research Update from NNYADP (Kara Dunn, 03/31/21)

NNYADP Dairy Workforce Training Alternative: 100 Percent Completion, Still Work to Do (Kara Dunn, 03/16/21)

NNYADP Apple Research: Can computerized modeling drive precision bloom thinning? (Kara Dunn, 03/08/21)

Jefferson County Announces Thirty Day Period for Landowners to Submit Requests for Modifications to the Jefferson County Southeast Agricultural District #1 (Sara Freda, 03/04/21)

Northern New York Agricultural Research and Development Program Marks 60 Years Strong (Kara Dunn, 03/02/21)

NNYADP Tile Drainage Research Results to be Presented During Virtual Crop Congress on February 24 (Kara Dunn, 02/16/21)

NNYADP Super Fruits Research Adds Elderberry; Publishes Juneberry, Aronia, Honeyberry Trials Results (Kara Dunn, 02/10/21)

NNYADP Research Evaluates Opportunity to Meet NY's Malting Barley Demand (Kara Dunn, 02/03/21)

NNYADP Research Advances Opportunity for Alfalfa-Grass Mix Quality (Kara Dunn, 01/26/21)

Act Now to Reduce the Cost of Alfalfa Snout Beetle, Corn Rootworm Impact (Kara Dunn, 01/19/21)

NNYADP Dairy Research: Teat Care in Winter (Kara Dunn, 12/16/20)

Northern NY Farms Add Data to NY Phosphorus Index 2.0 (Kara Dunn, 11/09/20) 

NNYADP Winter-Grown Spinach Trials: Nitrogen Savings May Be Possible (Kara Dunn, 09/21/20)

Tap and Re-Tap? NNYADP Posts 2020 Maple Research Results: Project Leader to Speak at 2 Workshops(Kara Dunn, 09/16/20)

NNYADP Ground Cherry, Goldenberry Research Produces Mixed Results (Kara Dunn, 09/01/20) 

NNYADP Vegetable Research: Low Tunnels or Row Covers for Cucumber Beetle Management (Kara Dunn, 08/19/20)

First Johne's Disease Surveillance in NNY Sheep Flocks Completed (Kara Dunn, 07/23/20)

NNYADP Nitrogen Efficiency Research Keys on Farm Site Differences (Kara Dunn, 07/16/20)

NNYADP Research: First-Ever Evaluation of European Meadow Fescue Varieties (Kara Dunn, 06/29/20) 

NNYADP-Farms Collaboration Advances "Superfoods" Research (Kara Dunn, 06/16/20) 

NNYADP Research: Act Now to Reduce Summer Heat Impact on Dairy Farms (Kara Dunn, 06/12/20) 

NNYADP Apple Research: Computer Modeling Drives Precision Bloom Thinning (Kara Dunn, 06/03/20)

NNYADP Research Provides Tips for Selling at Wholesale Auction (Kara Dunn, 05/19/20)

NNYADP Project Pilots E-Learning for Dairy Workforce (Kara Dunn, 05/12/20)

Hemp Added to NNY Field Crops Health Survey; NNYADP Posts Results (Kara Dunn, 05/07/20)

NNYADP/Cornell Biocontrol Nematode Success Featured in Texas A&M Video(Kara Dunn, 04/22/20)


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