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Expansion of Cutworm Trapping Network Helps Protect NNY Crops (Kara Dunn, 03/26/19)

Corn and Alfalfa Growers: Plan to Apply NNY Nematode Biocontrol Now (Kara Dunn, 03/20/19)

NNYADP Dairy Research Published in National Science Journal (Kara Dunn, 03/05/19)

NNYADP Dairy Research: Save Time, Increase Cow Comfort, Reduce Risk of Mastitis (Kara Dunn, 02/26/19)

NNYADP Corn Silage Research: Good News for Dairy Farmers and Livestock Health (Kara Dunn, 02/15/19)

NNYADP Dairy Research: Follow Protocols to Keep Calves Healthy (Kara Dunn, 02/11/19)

NNYADP Research: Winter Season Best Care Practices for Dairy Calves (Kara Dunn, 01/15/19)

NNYADP Annual Research Report Shows Regional, Statewide Value (Kara Dunn, 01/9/19)

NNYADP Maple and Birch Tapping Time Research Responds to Variable Climate (Kara Dunn, 12/10/18)

Vegetable Cover Crops, Research Results to be Featured in Nov. 8, 29 Free Webinars (Kara Dunn, 10/29/18)

NNYADP Research Advancing Dairies' Whole Farm Nutrient Efficiency (Kara Dunn, 10/15/18)

2018 Corn Harvest Feeds Yield Mapping Efficiency for Northern NY, Northeast Farms (Kara Dunn, 09/25/18)

October 29 Deadline for Grant Requests for Farm Research in Northern New York (Kara Dunn, 09/18/18)

Reduced Tillage Handbook Now Available Free (Kara Dunn, 09/17/18)

October 11 Field Meeting to Highlight New Research for NNY Vegetable Growers  (Kara Dunn, 09/12/18)

NNYADP-Funded Precision Apple Research: Target Orchard Practices for Success (Kara Dunn, 09/04/18)

NNYADP-Funded Research by Miner Institute Evaluates How Summer Heat Impacts Dairy Cows (Kara Dunn, 07/16/18)

Corn and Soybean Surveys Alert NNY Agricultural Development Program  (Kara Dunn, 07/03/18)

Got Corn Rootworm? Try This Alfalfa Pest Solution from Northern NY research results  (Kara Dunn, 06/26/18)

NNYADP-Funded Dairy Forage Quality Research: Add Meadow Fescue to Crop Mix (Kara Dunn, 05/30/18)

Superfruit Juneberries in Blossom at NNYADP-Established Nursery (Kara Dunn, 05/18/18)

Apple Scouting Time: Growers Make Good Use of NNYADP Research Data (Kara Dunn, 05/16/18)

Research Shows How to Boost Spring Hay Harvest in Northern NY  (Kara Dunn, 05/07/18)

Farm Labor to Fireblight: 24 NNYADP-Funded Research Projects Underway in 2018 (Kara Dunn, 04/26/18)

Northern NY Vegetable Research: Save Time, Add Profit for Pepper and Tomato Growers (Kara Dunn, 04/16/18)

Snow Mold Focus of Farmer-Driven NNYADP Research Project (Kara Dunn, 03/27/18)

Use NNY Corn Evaluation to Select Seed, Feed Cows, Sell to Ethanol Producers (Kara Dunn, 03/14/18)

Changes to the Margin Protection Program for Dairy Producers (DMAP, 02/09/18)

Discount Available on Biocontrol Nematodes to Protect NNY Alfalfa, Corn Crops (Kara Dunn, 02/15/18)

Cloning High Sugar Maple Trees the Focus of Farmer-Driven NNYADP Research (Kara Dunn, 02/15/18)

Year-round Vegetable Production Focus of Farm Tours, Workshop (Kara Dunn, 02/08/18)

NNY Farmer-Driven Research Program Posts Annual Report Plus Dairy, Crops, Hort and Maple Project Summaries (Kara Dunn, 02/07/18)

NNYADP Research Helps Dairy Managers Reduce Winter Calf Respiratory Illness (Kara Dunn, 11/15/17)

Farm Pest Biocontrol Developed in NNY Now Sought Across U.S. (Kara Dunn, 10/31/17)

Northern NY Research Tests Corn-Rye Double Cropping Yield, Conservation Opportunities (Kara Dunn, 10/23/17)

2017 NNY Harvest Data Will Add to BMR vs Non-BMR Corn Research (Kara Dunn, 10/02/17)

NNYADP Apple Pest Research Equipping Growers for Quality Harvest (Kara Dunn, 09/05/17)

Research Evaluates Summer Heat Relief for Dairy Cows (Kara Dunn, 08/21/17)

Emerging Corn Pest in Northern NY Prompts Farmer-Driven Research; Western Bean Cutworm Field Trial Results Available, Work Continues (Kara Dunn, 08/08/17)

Northern NY Bee Health Evaluated in First-Ever Survey (Kara Dunn, 06/27/17)

Northern NY Calf Heat Stress Research to Be Presented at American Dairy Science Meeting (Kara Dunn, 06/06/17)

Northern NY Research Highlights System Efficiency for Popular Cherry Tomatoes (Kara Dunn, 05/08/17)

Corn Hybrid Trial Results Help Farmers Select Seed (Kara Dunn, 04/06/17)

Maple Sap Tubing Research Update Posted by Farmer-Driven Program (Kara Dunn, 03/23/17)

NNY Farmer-Driven Research Explores Birch Syrup Production for Maple Sugarmakers (Kara Dunn, 02/08/17)

Solution for Beetle Pest in Northern NY May Help Control Corn Rootworm (Kara Dunn, 01/31/17)


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