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Here are the articles from the latest Green Ink newsletter:

August/September 2019

4-H Afterschool Programs - Career Exploration, Poultry, Lunchology, and more!

4-H Camp Wabasso - Summer Camp Update

4-H Clubs and Events - State Fair, Outdoor Adventure Day, and more!

4-H Military Clubs - Junior Iron Chef

June/July 2019

4-H Afterschool Programs - Nature, Gardening, Kitchen Skills, Financial Readiness, and more!

4-H Camp Wabasso - Camp Update, Summer Safety Tips

4-H Clubs and Events - Digital Ambassadors, Mad City Money, Career Explorations, and Fair!

4-H Military Clubs - STEM Day Camp, Civic Engagement

April/May 2019

4-H Afterschool Programs - Electrical Circuits, SSEP, Sign Language

4-H Camp Wabasso - Camp Scholarships, 4-H Saves Lives!

4-H Clubs and Events - Zoo Teen Program, Career and Job Readiness Club, Farm & Home Safety Day, and more!

4-H Military Clubs - Month of the Military Child 

Technology - Plasma Cutting, Coding

February/March 2019

4-H Afterschool Programs - Pen Making, Cooking Challenges, Fitness, Hydroponics

4-H Camp Wabasso - 2019 4-H Camp Wabasso Season

4-H Clubs and Events - Outdoor Adventure Club, Teen Council, Scholarships, Dairy Bowl

Research - Student Spaceflight Experiment Program

December/January 2019

4-H Afterschool Programs - Yoga, Punkin' Chunkin', Fire Safety, Solar Science, GIS Mapping

4-H Camp Wabasso - Five Reasons to Send Your Child to Camp

4-H Clubs and Events - Scholarships, Outdoor Adventure Club, Teen Council, Vet Science

4-H Military Clubs- Meet Amy Beauchamp!

Research - Student Spaceflight Experiment Program, PRYDE Program

October/November 2018

4-H Afterschool Programs - Summer STEAM Camp, Junk Drawer Robotics

4-H Clubs and Events - 4-H Paper Clover Campaign, Volunteer Training, National Youth Science Day

4-H Camp Wabasso - What is a Camp Counselor? 

4-H Military Clubs - Air Force Day Camp

Research- 4-H Yoga For Kids, Research Based Cirriculum

2018 State Fair Results

August/September 2018

4-H Afterschool Programs - Bird Watching, 4-H Pledge, Claymation, Cave Exploration

4-H Clubs and Events - Outdoor Adventure Day, Agriculture Extravaganza, Youth Science Day

4-H Military Clubs - For Drum All Stars Club, Free Summer Meals

Technology - Soldering

Research - The Great Outdoors and Your Brain, Building a Community Legacy


Stephanie Graf
Youth, Family & Community Development Issue Leader
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Last updated July 26, 2019