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2014 Camp Staff with week one youth!

Camp Staff 2014

2014 Camp Staff with week two youth!

Meet Your 2020 Camp Staff!

Meet Sabrina DeRue, the 4-H Camp Wabasso Director! Sabrina has worked for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County since September of 2013. She started her career at Extension in the LaFargeville Afterschool Program as a program assistant and has grown throughout the years to eventually becoming the 4-H Program Manager in 2018. As of November 2019, she is also taking on the responsibility of the 4-H Camp Wabasso Director. Over the past three years, Sabrina has worked with camp being responsible for all of the off-season programming, as well as administrative responsibilities with camp and some programming responsibilities during peak season. Sabrina fell in love with camp the first time she saw the impact the programming had on the youth participants, and is very excited to start this next part of her career! Before her time at Extension, Sabrina went to the SUNY College of Environmental Science and earned her Bachelor of Science in Conservation Biology with a focus on environmental education. In her spare time, Sabrina likes to go hiking, geocaching, camping, and kayaking. Sabrina looks forward to bringing her passion for environmental science to the campers at 4-H Camp Wabasso! 

Jim Gwise, Camp Maintenance

I'm Jim the Maintenance Man!! I don't really call anywhere my home because I grew up around the world as a Navy brat. I developed my handy skills with two AA degrees from Morrisville Ag and Tech and a Bachelors Degree in History. Camp has consumed 14 years of my life; my first year as maintenance, then six years as the Camp Director, and now another seven years in maintenance. My hobbies include loving music, woodworking, guitar, and impersonating my favorite of the Seven Dwarfs... Grumpy. 


I'm Alyssa Sands and I am very excited to be the Assistant Director at Camp Wabasso this year! I attended camp as a camper and have worked on staff for the 2018 and 2019 seasons. I am currently attending college to obtain a degree in Psychology with plans to study Occupational Therapy in graduate school. Camp means a lot to me and I strive to make camp just as special for your child as it is for me! 


Hi, I'm Claire and I'm ecstatic to be coming back to camp for my 12th year! I will be the Nature and Outdoor Education Coordinator for the 2020 camp season, as well as a lifeguard on the waterfront. You'll be able to find me in Camping and Backpacking, Wilderness Survival, Sports and Recreation, Nature and Hiking, and possibly some water classes. I love camp more than anything and I'm so excited to help make children's summers at camp as amazing as mine were.


My name is Lynne Rigabar and I will be the camp RN this summer. I have had the privilege of being camp nurse/health coordinator for 5 years. I also was a camper here as a 4-H member.I am the school nurse at Case Middle School in Watertown. I also am a certified instructor in BLS/first aid and tutor at JCC. Prior to that I worked with adolescent substance users.My hobbies are playing the trombone in the band, The Arrhythmias, spending time at my camps in Brantingham and New Haven, and enjoying my wonderful family, particularly my grandchildren, Keith, Kaelynd, and Hannah. Can’t wait to see you all this year at camp.


Hi, my name is Maddy! I'm a junior counselor for the 2020 Camp Season! I will be graduating from Indian River High School this June and going to college at SUNY Canton. There I will be studying to become a vet tech, because I love animals! I've never been a camper before, but I have been with 4-H for most of my high school years and have visited 4-H Camp Wabasso many times. In fact last year I was a part of 4-H's Zoo Teens Program! I've grown up in this area my whole life so I have an appreciation for our natural environment, which I enjoy exploring! I love to do crafts, listen to music, and play sports! I can't wait to work at camp this year and will try to make sure everyone has the best time they can possibly have! 


Hello! I'm Jordan I will be working as a senior counselor this year as well as a lifeguard. Summer camp has always been a big part of life and I hope to transfer my excitement onto those around me. I love rollerblading, being outdoors, and exploring unknowns. I can't wait for camp to start and to connect with many campers as well as leave a lasting impression of how great camp is.

Last updated April 8, 2020